Theme: Response systems in natural languages

Question and response (or answering) systems are pivotal members of dialogue exchanges, and thus research on this topic is required to better understand the nature of human linguistic behavior. This forum is to discuss several puzzles concerned in understanding answering systems such as how fragment answers (e.g., stand-alone response particles ‘yes’ and ‘no’) get sentential meanings, how the response particles to negative polar questions yield different interpretations depending on the type of adopted answering systems, and how interlocutors' bias affects the way we respond to questions-under-discussion. With discussing such puzzles, this forum seeks to advance our understanding of response systems in natural languages. The target languages include Indo-European languages (e.g., English, French, German) and Asian languages (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog).

Each presentation will consists of a 20-min presentation followed by a 10-min Q&A. We cordially invite prospective speakers to express an intention and submit one paragraph of abstract by Oct 31, 2022 to or

Organized by: ISLI, Kyung Hee University

Contact persons: Prof. Jong-Bok Kim ( or Dr. Seulkee Park (